Lifestyle Trips

No Kids * No Clothes * No Problems

    It’s the great debate, which is better a cruise or a resort vacation?  Honestly, both are incredible choices and come with their own high points.  So, how do you know which is right for you?  Well, that’s a personal choice! 


The resorts

   The resorts that we offer are in prime exotic locations that cater to the lifestyle crowd.  You’ll find incredible delights, sensual sights and erotic nights at any of our resorts.  We also recommend certain weeks at different resorts that are closer to a resort takeover for incredible parties and awesome memories! But, no matter which week you go, you are sure to have an amazing time!


The cruises

   The cruises that we recommend are all complete lifestyle takeovers. They are all adult only, full ship charters to exotic locations.  The excursions are tailored to the lifestyle, open minded couples with offerings for nude beaches, clothing optional resorts, and even nude catamaran tours!  The activities on board are tailored to the swinging crowd with specialty performances by top comedians,  erotic theme nights, seminars of like minded couples covering a variety of sexual themes and the best parties anywhere!