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What type of cruiser are you? - Swingers

As one of the most popular lifestyle cruises, Couples Cruise draws "newbies,” nudists, and experienced swingers. Cruise through some of the world’s most exotic locations while exploring yourself on our charter. There are thousands of fun, playful couples on board waiting to explore their sexuality and have a great time with you. If you are part of an open minded relationship and are interested in finding couples with similar likes, our adult cruises are the perfect vacation getaway. We cater to tentative couples and experienced swingers alike.

You and your partner can make your Couples Cruise whatever you want it to be. Take it as far you want, or simply dip your toes in the water, with the assurance that no one is judging you. Our spacious, non-pushy, environment allows for many divergent experiences to occur comfortably within the same space for swingers.


Our cruises have the world's largest on-premises club with over 10,000 sq ft of play space for couples who want to take their experience to the next level. You can interact with other playful couples, get revved up and spend your intimate time together, put on a show for other couples, or just watch. The possibilities are endless. These rooms are sensually decorated with rich fabrics (velvets and silk), sheer curtains, music, beautiful lighting and tantalizing scents. You may think you’ve stepped off the boat and into an ancient Tantric Temple. Our playrooms are customized to get you in the mood for a memorable exotic experience.

We also have fully-equipped dungeons on board with “Dungeon Masters” to make sure everything is sane, safe, and consensual. You can watch demonstrations, volunteer to be part of the scene, or practice your skills in one of the many erotic areas located in our dungeons. This is the perfect opportunity for you to test the waters of new experiences that you have only fantasized about.


We have seminars every day that give our cruisers techniques and tools to enhance their sex lives after they’ve docked in port. Our steamy ‘Meet & Greets’ and themed get togethers naturally highlight similar interests and help couples or swingers meet others from their area.


At Couples Cruise, our cinemas screen some of the hottest and most sensual adult movies for swingers. We hand pick every movie to fit our upscale, classy atmosphere. You won't find dirty “pornos” playing in our cinema. We opt to air beautifully shot, erotic films that appeal to the ladies on board as much as (and maybe more than) the guys.

Explore your erotic side by booking a Couples Cruise today!

A Place For All on our Nude Cruise

Adult vacations are for adults, right? Our cruise epitomizes freedom of action, all within a controlled, safe, and respectful environment. We invite party people, swingers, and adventurous couples to explore a Couples Cruise. Unlike most cruises, you’re encouraged to bring your personalities along.

Nudist Couples

Though clothing optional cruises sometimes allow nudity in all areas, we do require clothing in the casino, discos (although you can be topless!), and in the main areas of the ship. We’re a nude cruise that’s sensitive to every couple’s individuality. That’s something that has to go both ways. Our couples can take their experience as far as they want without interfering with anyone else’s. That’s freedom in action. We know that each person has their own fantasies and boundaries, and we cater to all. Our clothing optional decks are the perfect choice for couples that want to get that 360-degree tan. Other nude cruises usually have more restrictions, older clientele, and not near as many entertainment and party options. One big Couples Cruise difference is that our clothing optional areas are restricted to the open air pool and sun decks.

Clothing Optional Parties

While other cruises shut down the pool decks when the sun goes down, turning off the Jacuzzis and shutting down the pool bars, Couples Cruises are just starting to heat up. Our Pool Parties are becoming legendary for their all night dancing and unbelievable energy. You can dance naked on the dance floor or in the Jacuzzi, it doesn't matter. We’re a nude cruise that keeps the party going all night.

Clothing Optional Excursions

On every charter, we book special excursions to clothing optional beaches, islands, and boat rides. You won't get these excursions if you go on a regular cruise! Each excursion is researched and inspected by our team to make sure it offers you the best possible options to extend your clothing optional vacation beyond our ship.

Fewer Restrictions, More Fun

Cruises and resorts that enforce overly-restrictive rules and regulations take the adventure out of inherently adventurous situations. On some cruises husbands aren't even allowed to put sunscreen on their wives, Jacuzzis are shut down at sunset to make sure no one does anything "improper" during the night. We are not that restrictive. We believe that most adults will behave appropriately and do not need such strict rules as long as it is clear that there are no sexual activities in public.

There is a time and a place for everything. Sexual activities should be limited to private places (like your cabin or the designated playrooms). That is why you can always feel comfortable at our pool decks without the fear that an orgy is going to break out in the pool. Our staff is always on hand to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves, and Couples Cruise provides appropriate areas for each level of enjoyment. If you like being nude and getting that great all-over tan, but you don’t want the possibilities to end there, then a Couples Cruise is for you.

Couples that like Mardi Gras and Fantasy Fest

If you are not a swinger or a nudist, you may still LOVE a Couples Cruise if you like Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest, and other festivals that are fun, sexy, and adults only. A lot of couples come on board our ships simply because they love cruising and they also love sexy, erotic theme parties, without the kiddies around. Couples Cruise is the best of both worlds!

Theme Nights

We offer a wide variety of theme nights, including:

White Night

Pajama Parties

Pirate Night

Toga Party

Fetish Night

Mardi Gras

Body Painting

Our theme nights are the highlight of each evening, and our guests know how to dress to impress. We also have two formal nights, one with traditional formal attire and another called "Fashionably Formal" for a more modern take on dressing up. We should just call it "Fashionista NIght" and see what happens. Couples Cruises are the perfect place to remove the same old clothes you wear at home and put on a cape, wear something daring, and become something special for a night (or the whole week).

No Kids!

The biggest thing that sets us apart from other cruises is the fact that there are no kids on board. Our charters have a 21 and over age limit, so you don't have to worry about kids running all over the place, taking up chairs by the pool, and sitting in the hot tub. What you will find are couples from every age range (over 21 of course), acting like children. They will be staying up way past their bedtime and doing things their parents told them never to do. You might even find a few in the arcade playing games like they were still 16. (Or maybe making out like they were teenagers again!)

One question we get a lot is "What is the average age of our Couples Cruise passengers?". Well, we got our in-house math whiz to crunch all of the data, and the average age turns out to be 48 (48.4 to be exact). Of course, we have couples that are much younger and some that are older, but that is our average age.

Party People!

Our clientele ranges from salt of the earth nudists, to swingers to couples that just like to party. Check out our all night theme nights and pool full of teeny-weeny bikinis. The bars are open all night because there are no kids! Party people love to dance and twist around the stripper pole till the wee hours. We play house music, Rock & Roll, techno, whatever our clientele wants. For night owls who were never interested in regular (vanilla) cruises, come to Couples Cruise where you can find the experience you want. Take it as far as you want to go. The opportunity is here waiting for you.

Music, Music and more Music

We’re a floating city of entertainment. You’ll leave wishing you could have seen and experienced more! We bring on top DJ's, Rock & Roll Bands, Jazz singers, 50's Tribute Bands, Cirque du Soleil type acts, Adult Comedians and much more. If you love to tear it up in Vegas, South Beach, Hollywood, or just the best club in your town, then a Couples Cruise could be the wild vacation that you have always dreamed about.

If you are into bike rallyies, wet T-Shirt contests, Jimmy Buffet concerts, riding on a mechanical bull, body painting, or dancing until dawn then you are our type of Party People! Book a cruise today. Get the fun started!